• Dr Alla’s MediMushrooms

  • CONTACT: Dr Alla Kiroshka
    PHONE: 021 227 9922
    BUSINESS: Dietary Supplements Retailer

  • PROJECT: Instant Business Website
    TYPE: Secondary Website
    WEBSITE: MediMushrooms.nz

  • BEFORE: Client's Facebook Page

  • AFTER: Facebook-Synced Website Design

    MediMushrooms International Ltd was established in 1998 by Dr Alla Kiroshka, creator of Dr Alla's range of medicinal mushrooms.

    Over the years, MediMushrooms' main website has undergone a number of redesigns. Initially the website was informational only. Then, following the 2010-2011 earthquakes in Christchurch, a new ecommerce website was created using Prestashop.

    More recently, a new modern, ecommerce website built on WordPress with a Shopify integration was launched in January 2019.

    In that same year, Dr Alla became more active on her Facebook page, adding a number of new posts.

    The FB PageXtender website created from MediMushrooms Facebook page is a secondary website to promote Dr Alla's MediMushrooms range of dietary supplements.

    It was instantly created in early September 2019 and upgraded to have a custom domain name on 15th September 2019. The secure HTTPS version was available about 24 hours later.