• How PageXtender Works

  • iBeFound PageXtender connects to your small business' Facebook Page and uses the content already there to create a beautiful, mobile-optimised, seo-friendly website in just a few seconds.

    Then, you have the option to customise the newly created website in a variety of ways, including:

    • upload your logo and/or favicon to the website.
    • hide certain default FB pages from appearing on the website.
    • remove/add sections of the default FB pages.
    • edit the text that appears in the default FB pages.
    • rearrange the order of the items in the navigation.
    • swap out the default theme with another from the theme library.
    • add custom pages with additional content.

    Your customisations can be as simple or as elaborate as you wish. Advanced users can even add Custom CSS and Custom JS.

  • Key Benefits

    • Get a branded business website quickly.
    • Update your website easily and cheaply.
    • Market your biz to non-Facebook users.
    • Extend your business promotion reach.
    • Increase your business' online visibility.
    • Enhance your brand recognition.
    • Promote your small business more easily.
    • Turn your fans into paying customers.
    • Create hub for local business marketing.
    • Improve your business' online authority.
    • Advertise your business cost-effectively.
  • The PageXtender Website Creation Process

  • Start by filling out the short form so that we can set up your trial account.

  • Use the given details to access your account and complete the Facebook sync process.

  • Personalise your new website to match your brand. Preview it and publish when happy.

  • Request Trial
  • To get started, click the "Get Your FREE Trial Now" button and fill out the short form including your Facebook Page URL.

    This info is used to activate your account on iBeFound PageXtender. Rest assured that your info is safe with us. The connection is a one-way sync. Our platform only receives data from your Facebook Page.

    You'll receive your access details via email. This usually happens instantly but can take up to a bit longer during periods of high volume of trial requests.

    If you're eager to get started, you can click our live chat support button during regular business hours for immediate account set up and activation.

    Get Your FREE Trial Now ➾

  • Facebook Sync
  • STEP 2: Complete the Facebook Sync

    Once you have access to your FREE Trial account, log in and connect your Facebook Page to complete the Page to Site conversion.

    The system will pull the information (text, photos, videos, reviews) from your Facebook Page and put it into appropriate places on the default website template.

    You now have a website based on, and synced with, your Facebook Page. It will update automatically based on your updates to your Facebook page.

    Your new FB-powered website is automatically published on a temporary subdomain.

  • Website Launch
  • STEP 3: Customise & Launch Website

    Make desired changes so that your new website reflects your brand. Try different themes. Select your colours. Upload your logo and favicon. Add custom pages.

    In the site editor, you are able to preview how your website will look on different devices - mobile, tablet, desktop.

    When first created, your site is published on a temporary subdomain. To make it truly your own, you'll need to connect your custom domain name. Please note that this requires an upgraded account.

    Remember that your trial period is 14 days. If you wish to keep your new website, you will need to upgrade to one of our paid plans.