• Trina Nichols – Real Estate Agent

  • CONTACT: Trina Nichols
    PHONE: 027 327 1953
    BUSINESS: Real Estate Agent

  • PROJECT: FB PageXtender Website
    TYPE: Independent Sales Agent
    WEBSITE: TrinaNicholsRealEstateAgent.co.nz

  • BEFORE: Client's Facebook Page

  • AFTER: Facebook-Synced Website Design

    With the real estate industry being such a competitive one, it's important for agents to stand out from the pack.

    Trina Nichols, a Marlborough Real Estate Agent at Harcourts, jumped at the opportunity to have an instant website created from her Facebook Page. She signed up in the last week of September and received access shortly thereafter. She was amazed at the instant transformation of her Facebook Page into a full-fledged website!

    To her website's navigational menu, we added links to some relevant external pages such as her profile and listings on her agency's website as well as her profile on TradeM.

    Trina, with help from her assistant Angela, chose a suitable theme, changed the colours and fonts, added more pages and links as she needed. All these personalisations were quick and easy to do. We also added a bit of custom styling to the website's design.

    Once Trina had decided on a domain name, we registered it on her behalf and connected it to her new website. Since 9th October 2019, it has been live at https://TrinaNicholsRealEstateAgent.co.nz/.

  • Post Launch Report

    Moving forward, Trina simply continues to update her Facebook Page with posts, photos, videos, events, etc. and her synced website gets updated automatically.

    Trina's personalised website sets her apart from her competitors. Now she has a valuable online asset all her own where she can build her personal brand and promote her real estate services independently.

    Trina has shared with us her happiness with the improvements she's seeing in her business as a result!

  • UPDATE: August 2020

    Real Estate is a highly competitive industry! Online, each real estate agent is competing against the various real estate agencies, the property sales websites (ex. RealEstate.co.nz or TradeMe.co.nz) as well as other real estate agents in their market.

    More often than not, the search results on page one of Google are dominated by the websites of the real estate agencies. It is very rare to find the website of an individual sales agent in one of the top 10 positions on page one.

    So, it is absolutely awesome to see Trina's FB PageXtender website sitting among the big players on Google's page one for a range of relevant keywords!

    Here is a sample of localised search terms for which Trina's website is on page 1 of Google. It should be noted that some people put the location at the end of a search term while others prefer to put the location at the start of their search term.

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