• Rhonda Stewart – Real Estate Agent

  • CONTACT: Rhonda Stewart
    PHONE: +64 (0) 21 73 6922
    BUSINESS: Real Estate Agent

  • PROJECT: FB PageXtender Website
    TYPE: Independent Sales Agent
    WEB: RhondaStewartRealEstateAgent.co.nz

  • BEFORE: Client's Facebook Page

  • AFTER: Facebook-Synced Website Design

    Being in one of most competitive industries, it is wise for the real estate agents to take extra steps to stand out.

    Usually real estate agencies provide their agents with a profile page on the agency's website with links to their past and present listings. There is very little an agent can do to make their profile page stand out from those of their fellow real estate agents.

    This is not good for building one's personal brand.

    Rhonda Stewart of Harcourts Marlborough did not hesitate for a moment to take advantage of the opportunity to have her own self-updating website built on our PageXtender platform.

    Within minutes of signing up, her new website was instantly created from her Facebook Page. She and her assistant spend some time adding a few custom pages and links as well as trying out the various themes to find one that was best suited.

    We assisted with adding some of the external links and making some design tweaks.

    Then we registered Rhonda's desired domain name and linked it to her new website. Since 11th November 2019, it has been live at https://RhondaStewartRealEstateAgent.co.nz/

  • Post Launch Report

    Now Rhonda can direct people to her own website where, in one place, they can get to know her and see what she has to offer.

    She just adds the relevant posts on her Facebook page, and these in turn automatically get synced with her website.

    In addition to being the centre of Rhonda's personal brand, this website provides an extra presence in Google search so that she can be easily found by clients seeking her services.