• Marlborough 4 Fun

  • CONTACT: Taylor von der Decken
    PHONE: (03) 577-8935
    BUSINESS: Community Event Organiser

  • PROJECT: FB PageXtender Website
    TYPE: Local Business
    WEBSITE: Marlborough4Fun.co.nz

  • BEFORE: Client's Facebook Page

  • AFTER: Facebook-Synced Website Design

    Marlborough 4 Fun is an organizer of community events in the Marlborough region. They were referred to us by another client who was very happy with her FB PageXtender website.

    They wanted to replace their current website with one that would be more cost-efficient, timesaving, easy to use and easy to keep updated as the events changed frequently during the course of the year.

    A Facebook-synced website created with the PageXtender platform would fulfill all these requirements. The team at Marlborough 4 Fun, lead by Taylor von der Decken, could focus more on what they do best - organising and delivering awesome, local community events.

    We assisted with the transfer of some of the content from the old website and the new one and it went live on 8th November 2019 at https://www.Marlborough4Fun.co.nz/