• Adena Teka Photography

  • CONTACT: Adena Teka
    PHONE: 021 46 7979
    BUSINESS: Photography

  • PROJECT: FB PageXtender Website
    TYPE: Local Business
    WEBSITE: AdenaTekaPhotography.co.nz

  • BEFORE: Client's Facebook Page

  • AFTER: Facebook-Synced Website Design

    Photographer Adena Teka has a great and diverse portfolio, specialising in real estate photography, wedding photography, and event photography.

    Though she already had a main website, Adena saw the website created from her Facebook Page as an additional form of digital marketing for her business.

    Most appealing to Adena was that her FB PageXtender website would be updated automatically every time she posted a new photo or portfolio on her Facebook Page, and would require very little maintenance.

    It was also a bonus that she could link some pages to her main website and easily create additional custom pages as her portfolio grew.

    So, she signed on 31st October 2019 and we connected her Facebook Page to the PageXtender platform. By 6th November, she was ready to go live at her new domain name: AdenaTekaPhotography.co.nz

  • Post Launch Report

    Photography is a fairly competitive industry here in Marlborough where the well-established photographers have been dominating page one of Google search results for years.

    Having an FB PageXtender website helps to boost the exposure of Adena Teka Photography throughout the Marlborough region. The screenshot below was taken in August 2020 and shows that both the main website and the secondary website are on page 1 of Google for the search term "real estate photographer blenheim".