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Editing the About Page

You can edit the picture and text that appear on your About page.

To do this:

A. Go to the Pages tab.

Editing The About Page 1

B. Click the Settings wheel next to About.

Editing The About Page 2

C. On this page, you can do a few different things:

Editing The About Page 3

  1. You can choose to change how the About page link will appear in your Menu by choosing either Default or Button.
  2. By default, your Facebook profile picture will be used as your About page image. You can also choose to upload an image or have no image. Selecting Upload An Image opens options to enter an image URL or upload an image from your computer. Click Save when you have made your selection.
  3. By default, your Facebook descriptions will be used for the text on your About page. (Some design templates use both the Short and Long Descriptions, while some only Use the Long Description.) To customize your About page text, select Custom About Content. You can now add your own text with images or other content detailed here. Click Save when you have finished entering your description.

Editing The About Page 4D. You can use the About page editor to add text, images, or anything else you’d like to display! It’s very similar to the Custom Page editor, so if you haven’t seen our article on how to edit custom pages, check it out here. Be sure to click Save to save your changes when you’re finished!

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