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Editing / Deleting / Resizing Add-ons

Once you have created a custom page and inserted some add-ons, you can arrange them however you want! 

To begin, go to your Custom Page Editor. Here you can resize, edit, and delete add-ons to arrange content however you like. This editor displays your page exactly as it appears on your website, minus the tools and labels you see (purple borders, editing icons, and spacer text will not appear on your site). The tools for your custom page editor are explained below.

Editing Deleting And Resizing Add Ons 1

Activate the options for each unit by hovering your mouse over it.

  1. This is the border between units of content. As you drag the corners of different add-ons to resize, this line will mark where each row or column ends. You can also drag the border itself to change the size of all add-ons on either side. (This line will not appear on your site.)
  2. These are your justification options which allow you to centre, left align or right align each unit of content. Click one to select for each unit. (The picture on this page is centred.)
  3. Here you can click to edit or delete the add-on from the page. Editing a widget re-opens the options window. Deleting it removes it from the page.
  4. This thin purple line is the border of the unit that marks where its area extends to. In this example, since the image is smaller than its unit size, it does not fill up the entire area, so the border appears as a reference.
  5. This is a Spacer which can be inserted to help format your content. Insert a Spacer to create an open space any place where you do not want the content to appear, and resize it by dragging the thick purple line on the bottom. Here, the spacer adds a space between the photo and the YouTube video. Otherwise, the video would appear directly below the photo.
  6. Click and drag this small purple box to resize the add-on.

To add another add-on, simply click on it and drag it from the menu on the left to your page. (Learn about the different types of add-ons in this section.)

To save any changes you make, click the green “Save” button in the menu.

This is how the custom page created above will look to visitors to the site. Note how the spacer looks outside of the editor.

Editing Deleting And Resizing Add Ons 2

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