Creating a Call-to-Action Button

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Creating a Call-to-Action Button

A call to action highlights a page on your site’s menu, making it stand out to visitors. It turns a page’s link in the navigation menu into a button, setting it apart from the rest of the pages.

This is great for calling attention to a donation page for a non-profit, reservations site for a restaurant, events page for a band, or whatever page is most important to your site!

Any page can be made into a button at any time, so it can be used for short-term promotions or to permanently highlight a page.

1. Go to the Pages Tab in your site editor.

Creating A Call To Action Button 1

2. Find your page in the list, and click the Settings wheel to open the settings for that page.

Creating A Call To Action Button 2

3. Under Style, select button.

Creating A Call To Action Button 3

4. Your page now appears as a button in your site’s navigation menu! In this example, we’ve created a call to action for the restaurant’s Menu page.

Creating A Call To Action Button 4

5. To change it back, select “default” in the page settings.

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