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The Soundcloud Add-on allows you to feature music from a Soundcloud account on your custom page. This is a great option for musicians and bands!

1. In the Custom Page Editor, select the Soundcloud Add-on and drag it on to your custom page.

Soundcloud 1

2. Find the track or artist you want to feature on Soundcloud.com. Click the share button for A) the artist B) the track.

Soundcloud 2

3. In the pop-up window, go to the Embed tab.

4. Select the view you want.

5. Copy the ENTIRE embed code. Make sure the WordPress code box is unchecked.

Soundcloud 3

6. Go back to Site Editor and paste the code into the Soundcloud Add-on Editor. Click Save.

Soundcloud 4

5. The Soundcloud Add-on will appear on your page with the view you selected for the embed code (step 4).

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