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The Embed Widget can be used to add content from external apps to your custom page. We use Twitter in this example, but you can use any web application as long as you have the embed code.

1.  In the Custom Page Editor, select the Embed Add-on and drag it on to your custom page.

Embed Widget 1

2. In a new tab or window, find the embed code in your web application.

In Twitter, this is listed on every Tweet under the “more” menu:

Embed Widget 2

3. When you click on “Embed Tweet”, a pop-up will appear with your embed code. Copy this code.

Embed Widget 3

4. Back in the Custom Page Editorenter the embed code from your application in the pop-up and click Save.

Embed Widget 4

5. And the final result looks like this: A tweet embedded in your website!

Embed Widget 5

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