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PDF Page

You can embed a PDF document into your site as its own page in your navigation. This is useful to embed a menu, contract, or project proposal to your site. To create a custom page with a PDF, follow the instructions below.

1. Click on the “Pages” tab.

2. Click on “Add New Page.”

Pdf Page 1

3. Click “New” under Link to PDF.

Pdf Page 2

4. Enter the Page Title, which is what will show up in your navigation.

5. Click “Choose File.”

Pdf Page 3

6. Click “Save.” Your new content will not be saved unless you click save, so don’t forget this step!

7. Your PDF page should now show up in your Pages tab and in your navigation.

Pdf Page 4

8. When visitors click the link in your navigation, they’ll be able to see the PDF you uploaded.

Pdf Page 5

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