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Gallery Page

A standalone gallery page is a custom page that will contain only the albums you decide to feature.  For example, if you are a photographer and your work is divided into portrait shots of people and landscape shots of nature, you can then create two separate gallery pages – one for your portrait shots and one for your landscape shots.

Here is how you can create a new gallery page: 

1. Click on the “Pages” tab.

2. Click on “Add New Page.”

Gallery Page 1

3. Click the “New” button under Gallery Page.

Gallery Page 2

4. Change the Page Title. The page title appears at the top of your custom gallery page, and it will show up in your navigation.

5. Change the Permalink. The permalink shows up in the page’s URL. For example, if you enter “menu” in the permalink box, the URL for your site becomes

6. Click on the albums that you want to be displayed on your custom gallery page. You can select as few or as many as you’d like.

Gallery Page 3

7. Click “Save.” Your new content will not be saved unless you click save, so don’t forget this step!

8. Your gallery page should now show up in your Pages tab and in your navigation.

Gallery Page 4

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