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Empty Tab

Empty Tabs act as placeholders in your website’s menu. While they don’t link to other pages, they are perfect for creating drop-down menus. Follow these instructions to create an empty tab. Learn how to create a drop-down menu here.

1. Click on the “Pages.”

2. Click on “Add New Page.”

Empty Tab 1

3. Click the “New” button under Link to Website.

Empty Tab 2

4. Enter the Tab name, which is what will show up in your navigation.

Empty Tab 3

5. Click “Save.” Your new tab will not be saved unless you click save, so don’t forget this step!

6. Your tab should now show up in your Pages tab and in your navigation.

Empty Tab 4

If someone clicks on your empty tab, nothing happens. However, if you create a drop-down menu using your tab, it will appear when someone hovers over the tab.

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