Homepage Image Minimum Dimensions

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Homepage Image Minimum Dimensions

It’s important to add high-quality images to your site, especially when it comes to your homepage image! If the quality of your image is too low, it could appear pixelated, which is not the first impression you want to make.

See below for the minimum resolution you need, sorted by design theme.

All full-screen image themes (Stella, Zest, Boutique, Nova, Galleria, Flow, Costa, Continuum, Blarney, Pearl, Saturn, Spruce and Shutter): minimum width of 1400px and a minimum height of 800px

Sublime: min width 1170 px, min height 575px

Willow: min width 1140px, min height 550px

Bliss: min width 1120px , min height 480px

Cascade: min width 1400px, min height 500px

Element: min width 1400px, min height 650px

Flash: min width of 240px, min height of 100px

Focus: min width 520px, min height 520px

Luna: min width 1400px, min height 570px

Paradigm: min width 880px, min height 315px

Savory: min width 1400px, min height 520px

Spice: min width 1260px, min height 500px

Prism: min width 1400px, min height 500px

Explora: min width: 340px, min height: 200px

An example of sliding homepage images in design template Focus.

1 Image Minimum Dimensions
A full-screen homepage image, in design Costa.

2 Image Minimum Dimensions

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