Uploading Your Logo and Favicon

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Uploading Your Logo and Favicon

You worked hard on your company’s logo. Put it everywhere! 

A. Go to the Design tab.

1 Logo And Favicon

B. Scroll down to Logo in the left-hand menu, and click the box that says change.

2 Logo And Favicon

C. In the pop-up menu, you can do any of the following:

3 Logo And Favicon

4 Logo And Favicon

1. Change the title of your site. Be sure to click “Save” when you change the title.

2. Upload a new logo. Need help making your logo look great? Check out our Logo Upload Tips.

To resize your logo, after you upload it, click Custom Size, and then move the slider to the desired size. You can see how your logo changes size in the editor to the right.
5 Logo And Favicon

3. Upload a new Favicon.  A Favicon is a small image that appears as your site’s icon in your browser’s URL bar. 

6 Logo And Favicon

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