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Changing Your Website Theme

One of our great features is that we have tons of designs, and we’re adding more all the time! You can change your theme at any time without changing any of the content of your site. To change your site’s design, see below.

Changing Your Website Theme 1

1. In the site editor, click on the Design Tab

2. Click the “Theme” button.

Changing Your Website Theme 2

3. Browse our themes by Category or just scroll through to find one you like.

4. Click “Preview” to preview any design or click “Select” if you have made your choice.

Changing Your Website Theme 3

5. On every preview page, you can click the icons on the top of the screen to preview your site as it would appear on different devices (Computer, Mobile Phone, Tablet).

6. You can click “Select” if you like the previewed theme or click “Back” to choose another theme from the menu.

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