Why Facebook Updates Are Essential!

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Why Facebook Updates Are Essential!

Potential customers will base some of their early judgments of your company on the presentation and upkeep of your social media profiles. Therefore, it’s essential that you regularly update your Facebook page. (When you’re done learning about why it’s important to update your page, read more tips on what to include in your updates.)

If someone visits a Facebook page for a business that hasn’t been updated in a long time, they may think the business has closed. Or if your posts are often unrelated to your business, they may think you’re unprofessional.

As an example, here is a restaurant page that hasn’t been updated since February, and has posts that aren’t relevant to their business:

Why Facebook Updates Are Essential 1

Posting regular, relevant updates to your wall is an easy way to generate content that readers can see and connect with. However, it is often not enough to simply post to your own wall!

The best-run Facebook pages include regular interactions with readers in the comments section of posts, outward links to interesting stories, and embedded videos of relevant content.

The more variety you add and the conversations you have with readers, the more impressive your Facebook profile will be.  By extension, the more impressive your Facebook page is, the more credible your business will appear to potential customers and partners. Plus your website will look great!

For an example of a well-maintained Facebook page, check out Seamless. They post regularly and engage potential customers by asking questions and replying to each response. Here are some examples of excellent posts:

Why Facebook Updates Are Essential 2

Why Facebook Updates Are Essential 3

Your Facebook posts are automatically synced with the News Page of your website, so keeping your Facebook Page up to date makes your website look good, too!

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