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Settings Tab

The Settings Tab opens a modal window with options to manage and edit your site.

Settings Tab 1

Settings Tab 2

  1. Domains– Connect an already registered domain to your website as shown here.
  2. Social Icons – Add social media icons for Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and other social media sites to your website.
  3. Call to Action – A call to action is a great way to direct site visitors to take a particular action, such as calling your business or visiting a section of your website.
  4. Facebook Messenger – Your potential clients can get in touch with you using their Facebook Messenger – making it faster for them to inquire about anything instead of sending an email.
  5. Reviews – Display customer reviews on your website.
  6. Language – Change the language displayed to your viewers.
  7. Time Zone – Change the time zone displayed to your viewers.
  8. Photo Inquiry –  Activate an “Inquire” button next to photos in your gallery. When visitors click the button, they’ll be taken to a contact form so that they can ask details about the photo.
  9. Legal information – Display privacy policy and terms of service for your website visitors.
  10. Custom CSS – Enter custom CSS markup to fine-tune your site’s design.
  11. Custom JSAdd a code to your website’s <Head> tag.

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