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Pages Tab

The Pages Tab is where you will manage the various pages on your site. Here you can edit existing pages or add new ones.

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  1. Create New Page – Add a custom pageexternal linkgallery pagePDF, and empty tab to your website.
  2. Page List – Manage your existing pages. You can drag and drop pages to reorganize them, change the landing page, and use our subpages feature to create drop-down menus. You can also edit new and default pages, and create Call to Action buttons.
  3. Default Page – Default Pages are directly imported from Facebook and have a small “f” logo next to them. They cannot be deleted, but you can hide them (see 2c) if you don’t want them to show up on your navigation.
  4. Adjust SEO – Change the SEO settings for each page. Since SEO is already managed by the website editor, we do not recommend adjusting these settings unless you have advanced knowledge of SEO. What is SEO?
  5. Hide Page – Click to hide or show pages. A blue eye indicates that the page is visible to the public, and a grey eye means that it’s hidden.
  6. Change Page Settings – Settings differ from page to page, so please the visit the specific resource for the page type that you want to edit: default pages or custom pages.

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