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Design Tab

The Design Tab allows you to customize the appearance of your website.

Design Tab 1

Design Tab 2

  1. Choose a Theme – Select from our library of beautiful themes. You can change your site’s theme at any time.
  2. Change Font – Change the font and colors on your site. Choose font combinations from our carefully curated selection.
  3. Change Color – Change the font and colors on your site. Change the accent color of select elements on your site, such as headlines and buttons.
  4. Upload a Logo – Add your business logo to your website. If left blank, your site name will remain in your navigation as text.
  5.  Homepage Images – Change the slider or background image(s) of your website.
  6. Preview Site – Click to minimize the design tab and preview your site for different screen resolutions: mobile, tablet, and PC.

For more detailed information about each option, follow the links in the descriptions or visit our Design Tab Folder.

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