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What is a Facebook Page vs. Profile?

Although they may sound similar, a Facebook Page and Profile are quite different. Since Site Editor only supports websites made from your Facebook Page, it’s important to understand the difference.

When you join Facebook, you get a Profile. A Facebook Profile is a personal account on Facebook linked to your own identity. This is a place where you can connect with friends, see their posts in your news feed, post your thoughts and pictures, etc.

What Is A Facebook Page Vs Profile 1 Edit

A Facebook Page is a business account on Facebook that you create for your company, organization, club, etc. It serves as a fan page that visitors can go to to learn more about the group and share thoughts and comments about it.

Facebook users can’t become “friends” with Facebook pages as they can with profiles, but they can “Like” them to show their support. Learn how to create a Facebook Page for your business here.

What Is A Facebook Page Vs Profile 2

For more information, check out Facebook’s support page on the topic.

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