How do I create a Facebook Page?

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How do I create a Facebook Page?

In order to create a website, you need to have a Facebook Page.

(Learn more about the differences between a Facebook Page and Profile here.)

1. Log in to Facebook and go to this link: Creating a Facebook Page.

How Do I Create A Facebook Page 1

2. Select the type of page you want to make and fill in the information required by Facebook. Then click “Get Started”.

How Do I Create A Facebook Page 2

3. A pop-up will appear to help you set up your page. The first section is the About description. This short description will appear on the home page of your website (in most design themes). It should be a short, simple sentence that introduces your business.

Read the “Short Description” section of this article for tips on writing your business’ short description.

4. The next section is Profile Picture. Here you will add an image that best represents your business. Your profile picture is also the thumbnail that appears on Facebook on followers’ newsfeeds and in search results for your business, so it should be easily recognizable and shouldn’t change often. We recommend using your business’ logo. (Your profile feature appears on the About page of your website.)

How Do I Create A Facebook Page 3

5. Nothing else in the setup guide appears on your website. Feel free to skip these steps. You can always come back to them later. (Add to Favorites makes your page easily accessible from your Facebook homepage. Preferred Page Audience allows you to choose who your page is targeted to.)

6. You now have a live Facebook page! The last feature that you’ll want to edit right away is your cover photo. The cover photo is the banner image at the top of your page. Feel free to change your cover photo as often as you like. It’s a great place to share promotions or showcase great photos of your business.

Read this article for more tips about what to include in your cover photo. (Your cover photos become the homepage images on the home page of your website.)

How Do I Create A Facebook Page 4

7. Your Facebook page is now ready to be converted to an FB PageXtender Website!

Just go to myBiz Center, launch the Site Editor and login with your Facebook account. Remember to keep your Facebook page up to date with posts about your business.

Read our other articles for tips about what to write on your page and reasons why keeping your page up to date is important. (All of your posts and status updates appear on the News Page of your website.)

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