Creating an Online Store

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Creating an Online Store

How to Create an Online Store on your website

Getting Started

  • Log into myBiz Center and launch the Site Editor.
  • In your main Dashboard, make sure that you are currently editing the site for which you want to create an Ecommerce store.
  • On the left panel, click Ecommerce.
  • Click “Create a new store.”


First Steps

Make sure you have a title that you like and click “Next” to continue to Geographic Settings.

Under Geographic settings, set the currency and your preferred format for displaying the currency (e.g. 15.95 or $15.95). Click “Next” to continue to Payment Settings.

Under Payment Settings, select any of the methods that you would like to use to charge your customers:

  • Cash on Delivery – You can specify a delivery range. Make sure you’re specific with the unit of measurement (km, mile, etc.). This means that the customer will pay you in cash when you deliver the product.
  • Stripe – If you have a stripe account, enter your API keys here. Stripe allows customers to pay with a credit card online before they receive the item. If you want to learn how to find your Stripe API keys, click here.
  • PayPal – Enter your API username, password and signature here. You must have a Paypal Business account for this. To learn how to upgrade to a business account, click here. Once you have a business account, to find your API information, click here.

Next, specify on which page you’d like to sell your products.

Finally, create a personalized “Thank You” message for customers who purchase something on your store. When you are finished, click “Finish” to be taken to the Ecommerce Dashboard.

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