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Is your website in Grace Period?

Every website subscription (monthly or yearly) at Site editor has an expiry date. When your website subscription is renewed on or before this expiry date, you will able to continue using your Site editor dashboard and your website will remain published.

On the date of expiry, our billing system will automatically try to renew your website. But this attempt may sometimes be unsuccessful because of the following reasons:

  • your credit card has invalid details
  • your credit card has expired
  • your credit card is declined by our system
  • your Paypal recurring account was cancelled before the renewal payment could be processed

If we are unable to renew your website because of the above-mentioned reasons, your website will expire and will go to a 7-day Grace Period. During this period, you will still be able to use your dashboard, and your website will remain published.

An email notification will be sent to you with instructions on how to manually renew your website subscription.

During this 7-day period, our system will make 2 more attempts to renew your website. If these attempts are successful or if you successfully follow the manual instructions, your website subscription will be renewed.

However, if these attempts fail, you will be unable to edit your website and, your website will be unpublished after the Grace Period ends.

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